Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running on Empty-September

Hello dolls!  This is what I have run out of this month:

My Softsoap body wash.  I bought this last year in the fall but never really used it during the winter months.  I started using it again in the Spring and Summer with a loofah to exfoliate to get my skin soft and summer ready.  I like how it smells, but I don't think that the scent lingers long enough on the skin after you step out of the shower.

Shampoos & conditioners that I went through this month:
I alternate between shampoos every other day, so I like to use different brands which target specific areas.  

I also ran out of my Proactive scrub.  This baby has lasted me more than 5 months.  I don't use it every day anymore because my skin has cleared up so much (not from Proactive, but from medication my doc prescribed me), but I like how it gently exfoliates.  I have three more of these to go through yet.
I recently canceled my subscription to Proactive.  They send you a package every three months.  I find that one bottle will last me quite a long time and that it really didn't do much for my adult cystic acne. 

I also have run out of my Clearasil toning pads.  I bought these in conjunction with a scrub from Clearasil and got a sweet deal with a little bit of couponing.  I rather like these because I can see all the extra grime and makeup that I left behind on the pad. 
To make these pads last even longer, I squeeze out the excess toner from the pad that I am taking out to use.  I find that these are often over-saturated with the toner anyways, so when you get down to the last pad, you still have a lot of toner left in the jar.  You can use your own cotton pads/balls to swipe this toner onto your skin.  

That 's it for this month's Running on Empty post.  Looking forward to October.  Are you?



  1. I am looking foward to October!Great post I like the title Running on Empty it's nice!

  2. Hey Pink! Thanks for reading & commenting. Yes, I love October too. :)