Sunday, October 9, 2011

Revlon- Plum Seduction

Hello dolls.  Here is my current mani:
This is Revlon's Plum Seduction.  I have gravitated towards this color when it comes to lips so I thought this might be pretty on my nails as well.
I had no problems with this formula, save for bald spots if I wasn't careful.  Pictured here is three coats.  I added one coat of Seche Vite on top as well.  I also decided to layer on some glitter accents on my ring and thumb finger.  
The glitter nail polish is from Forever21.  It has small hex multi-colored glitter and finer glitter in a clear base, but the hex glitter is pretty hard to get onto the nail.  I did a couple coats on each nail to really build up the glitter.
I also can not get rid of the stains on my cuticles and around my nails from the darker colored polish I have been wearing.  What do you guys do to get rid of staining?

Also, apologize for the lack of makeup posts.  I wear the same look everyday for school and on the weekends, I pretty much just try to catch up on sleep and school work.  I will try to do more looks soon though.

Plum tired,


  1. Some polishes can really stain if you let them hit your cuticles. First, be as careful as you can about application. Apply carefully and try not to let your polish flood your cuticles. Keep a cleanup brush and a little acetone at the ready so that you can mop up any goofs as you paint. That has really helped me avoid cuticle stains.

    When removing, place your remover soaked pad down on your nail, leave it there for a bit... 20-30 seconds or so then pull it straight up and off the nail, pressing firmly as you go. Then keep removing the polish, finding a clean spot pulling it straight off, rather than scrubbing it side to side. That will keep the pigments off of your skin and cuticles, reducing the possibility of stains.

    Gentle exfoliation, lots of moisturizing (pigments really locks on to dryer skin) and frequent hand washing should get rid of your stains pretty quickly.

    These things work for me when I work with polishes that stain. I hope they help you a little. :)

  2. Thanks! I will try those fantastic tips! :)