Monday, October 10, 2011

L'Oreal-Project Runway Blushes

Hello loves.  Have you guys seen these pop up at your local drugstores?  I saw Hollyannaeree review these on her hits and misses video so I knew I had to pick up the blushes for myself.  
First up, this golden peachy color is Audacious Amazon.  I thought that this color would be great as a highlighter as well as a blush so I nabbed it. 
L'Oreal Project Runway blush in Audacious Amazon
The other one I got was Charming Cockatoo.  This is a beautiful shimmery pink.
L'Oreal Project Runway blush in Charming Cockatoo
Swatches:  Charming Cockatoo and Audacious Amazon
Upon first swatch, I was rather disappointed.  I expected way more pigmentation, especially with all of the hype.  But then I used Charming Cockatoo on my cheeks today and I do rather liked it.  I would suggest using a big fluffy brush because it is rather pigmented.  Once you dip your brush into the powder, you come back up with a lot of product. 

Just a reminder that these are limited edition and that each store has limited quantities.  Once they're gone-they're gone.  Did you pick up anything from this line?  I really wanted some lipsticks from this line as well but I held off because the blushes were $10 each.  I did get one for half off because of the Wag's sale but $15 for drugstore blushes is still a lot. 

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