Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rimmel London-BB Cream Swatches & Review

Hey dolls.  Today I will be reviewing the Rimmel London BB Creams for you all.  Truth be told, I have not tried a drugstore BB cream as of yet.  I do own several Asian BB creams though.  
When Rimmel products were bogo half off, I decided to pick up two of their BB creams.  I got the shade light and the shade medium, just because I like to mix and match for my correct shade.

This is marketed as a 9 in 1 formula that is supposed to help prime, moisturize, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten, protect and minimize pores.   
I'm a fan of products that can deliver but nine in one, especially for my oily and acne prone skinSeems too good to be true.  Anyways, this comes in a squeeze tube, with a screw on cap.  I believe there are three different shades available, light, dark and medium.

Upon swatching this product, I could tell that the light one was way to light for me and the medium one was way too orange.  Not good.  I did not detect a scent from it though, which is good because some of the Rimmel cosmetics are sometimes overly obnoxious. 
But I decided to give it a chance and proceeded to blend it out.  What the... ??  I don't understand why it's so blotchy?  And why all of the unevenness?  I suspect it's from the sunscreen in it-SPF 25, that has maybe separated itself from the actual base?  I dunno.  I just knew that this was going to be much more trouble than what it's worth.
I blended these two colors together in hopes of toning down the orange, and then used a brush to smooth onto my face.  I did not like the way it looked on my skin.  It did leave a matte finish, but still felt slightly tacky upon touch.  Powder is a must.  
I took pictures of me wearing it, but decided against posting them, because I just didn't like this product.  It was a hot mess on my face and it left me with a greasy t-zone in just a few hours.  

Overall, this product just did not do it for me.  The bases are all wrong for me and the product did not deliver what it promised.  In the end, I ended up bringing both of these back to the drugstore and returning them.  

I don't know-maybe I just got a bad batch?  I wish I could shake up the product and see how that makes it behave but I can'tHave you tried the drugstore BB creams?  Which one would you recommend?


  1. yikesss! i havent tried a drugstore bb cream yet. i've heard that they're basically tinted moisturizers with new marketing :/

    1. Exactly, that's why I'm leery of them too!

  2. I don't use BB creams, but that just looks like a hot mess. I definitely would've taken them back.