Friday, February 22, 2013

Flower Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color-Flamingo Flower Swatches & Review

Hi dolls.  Here is a new lipstick that I picked up this month:
This is from Drew Barrymore's cosmetic line, Flower.  Flower cosmetics are available at Walmart stores.  I picked mine up for around $6.  

The lipstick I picked up was from the Velvet lip color range, and I chose a bright pink for fun. 
It is very pretty packaging, and has one flat side instead of  a circular lipstick tube all the way around.  It has gold detailing and the Flower logo embossed into it.  It doesn't look cheap, which is what my point is.  The only thing is that you have to line up the cap with the base in order to close it tight.  
You simply twist up the product in order to apply.  I had no trouble with application.  It does not have a scent that I can detect.  There is a little swatch of color on the bottom of the tube that indicates the color of the lipstick, so this is great depending on how you store your lipsticks. 
The only complaint that I have about the packaging, is that the name of the color is not actually printed anywhere on it besides the sticker-and I peeled that off.  

Other than that, this formula is very creamy going upon initial application.  I tried it over a lip liner first, and that left my lips very, very matteIt really accentuated lines and cracks when it set.  I took it off and then tried it all by itself, which was much better.  I wore this out for drinks and it pretty much stayed put, but I did reapply once that night.  

It dry matte once it sets- the initial creaminess does go away.  I would recommend that you exfoliate your lips prior to wearing this.
Below are photos of me wearing it:
I am looking to get more colors from this line and the High Shine line.  Have you tried anything from Flower cosmetics yet?



  1. Is there anything that doesn't look good on you?! That's a very pretty shade and looks great on you! I cannot wait to check out Drew Barrymore's Flower line...I'm going to Walmart tomorrow to specifically check out her stuff! I just say a blog post today on some of her polishes and they look great (as if I need one more bottle of polish). SMH

    1. Aww thanks Crystal! Let me know what you end up getting from there!