Sunday, February 10, 2013

February-Dollar Tree Finds

Hi dolls.  Here is what I found so far at my local Dollar Tree this month:

Nivea Cherry Flavored lip balm
I buy lip balms like they're going out of style, and so two of these babies came home with me.  It doesn't hurt that they are cherry flavored too.  Seriously, these balms smell so good!  I think that they smell exactly like a red Starburst...yum!

Also, this balm leaves a slight red tint on your lips, and it has some shimmer in it, which gives your lips a glossed look without the heavy feel.  It also has SPF 10 in it- a bonus!
These aren't that moisturizing though, because they have so much slip to them.  I don't have a lot of luck with Nivea lip balms in general, I'm still trying to use up my blue tube.  They just don't last very long on my lips for some reason.  I just liked that these were cherry flavored and a buck each. 

Revlon Satin Shadow Single in Polished Bronze 
This was a good find.  There were only two of them left, hanging on a hook so I nabbed one.  I got some of the matte colors from this range a while ago, but don't remember any of the satins being at the Dollar Store.  Because it's a satin, I was hoping for better pigmentation than the mattes I picked up. 
It was buttery smooth and color payoff was great.  I'm really glad that I found it.  

NYC Corrective Cover Stick in Yellow 
I picked up the jumbo concealer stick from NYC a while ago, and this one showed up soon after.  This one is definitely smaller and more sharpener friendly.  It is very yellow though-so I was hoping to use this under my eyes to help brighten up that area. 

On my hand I have it swatched heavily and then on top of that, I have it patted on/blended out.  It was very creamy and easy to swatch so it should be pretty easy to use under my eyes.  Wish me luck.

What treasures did you find at your local Dollar Tree this month?  


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