Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clear-Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy 7 Day Treatment Review

Hi dolls!  I picked up this Clear Scalp and Hair therapy treatment from Target because I had seen one of my favorite Youtube gurus, Hollyannerae, talk about it in one of her hair videos. 
This is a boxed set containing seven tubes of product and retails for about $15.  You are directed to use one tube for seven days to nourish your hair back to health.  It is marketed as having Nutrium10- a mixture of vitamins and nutrients to help restore your hair's health.
You use this product much like a conditioner, except you put it onto your scalp as well as the ends.  I usually just condition the ends of my hair, so this was something that I was a tad apprehensive about when I was reading the directions because I didn't want greasy hair.
The tube is also pretty small, and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough product because I have long hair.  Let me tell you about my hair first-I have thick Asian hair that dries wavy naturally.  It gets greasy very quickly, which means I have to wash it every day.  I do style it with heat about twice a week, but my bangs get the most abuse, as I flatiron them into place almost every day.  I do put it up into ponytails and buns A LOT though and so I do get breakage and extra fall out.  Prior to this, I had not tried any other hair treatments.
To use the tube, you twist off the black part and squeeze.  It's pretty much a one shot deal if you have long hair.  If you have really short hair, you might be able to stretch out the use a little bit.  

I used this product in the shower, right after I washed my hair out with shampoo.  As directed, I put this on my ends and then massaged the rest into my scalp.  The consistency of the product is nice-not too runny and not too thick.  I did have enough to use on my hair, and really squeezed out the tube to get every last drop.  I left this in my hair for about five minutes before rinsing it out.  It came out pretty easy, no complaints here.  

The after effects are pretty awesome, you guys.  I usually go to sleep with my hair still damp, and so I didn't really think anything of it yet the night I first used this.  

The next morning, I ran my fingers through my hair and ohmahgawsh.  It left my hair so soft!  I wanted to wake my husband up and have him feel it, but I didn't think that he would have appreciated that very much.  I was so happy with the immediate results

I have been treating my hair to this once a week since I got it and I am currently on week 4.  I use this every Sunday to help 'repair' the damage I do to my hair each week, especially since I got my hot rollers and have been using heat more often to style my hair. 

Overall, I would recommend this product because of the results.  I am very happy with it and I would repurchase it again.  Have you tried Clear products before? 


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  1. Wow, seems like a really great product. I'm glad you had good results.