Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remington Hot Rollers-Pearl Editon

Hey dolls.  Today I wanted to review this hot rollers set that I picked up earlier this month.  I got this set from Remington on clearance for just $10 at Target and was so excited because I really wanted to try hot rollers in generalYes, I am a hot roller virgin.  :)
Anyways,  this set is limited edition, so I don't think that you can specific set anymore but I'm still going to review it and give you my thoughts as a first time hot roller user.

When you take it out of the packaging, this is what you get:
There are twenty hot rollers included, three rows of bigger rollers and two rows of smaller rollers.  At first, I was thinking that this would not be enough to do all of my hair, but I was wrong!  More on that later.  

The 'pearl' part of the packaging is just the off white clips, which aren't even really of pearl consistency.  They're just regular, plastic clips.  It does claim to have real pearl in the 'ceramic' formula, whatever that means.  The rollers have a velvet texture surrounding them and a notch which lets it sit nicely on the heated metal bar.  
The packaging claims that these rollers heat up in just 90 seconds and that they only take five minutes to set your curls.  I can attest to that, that these do in fact, heat up rather quickly.  

It was pretty easy to use, I just plugged it into the wall and let it heat up.  I was a little worried that it might get too hot though, because there is no heat settingThe packaging also shows a little warning, because the clips and the edges of the rollers can get a very hot if you're not careful.  I just tested the roller with my fingers to see, but they were okay-not too hot to handle by any means.
I wasn't sure which way to start rolling, but I sectioned my hair off and started with my lower layers first.  I rolled inwards -if that makes any sense-all the way around my head in one inch sections and then did the hair around my crown.  

After getting all of the clips in, I was surprised that I only used up the three rows of the larger rollers!  I was just expecting to have to use all of them because my hair is so thick and long.  

After I had all of the curls in, I let it sit for about five minutes and then took everything out.  I was worried that the left side of my hair would be curlier than the right side of my hair because I had started on that side first.  lol.  But, it didn't turn out too bad actually.  See pictures below:
These were very voluminous curls, and they set pretty well.  I had to run into my other job and did a four hour shift after I did this little experiment and the curls held up very well.  I didn't put in any hairspray, and never do in fact when I curl my hair, because I don't like the texture. 

One thing that I did notice was that where I had put in the clips to hold the rollers in, there was a noticeable dent in my hair there.  But once I combed out the curls with my fingers, and let it sit for a while, I didn't really notice the dents anymore.

Overall, this product exceeded my expectations.  As a first time user of hot rollers, it was easy to use and it gave me great results.  I only spent about 10 minutes putting in all of the hot rollers, and the curls last me pretty much all day.  I would say that I prefer to use this method over curling my hair at the moment because it is so easy to use.  I can put my hair up and do my makeup as I wait for it to set instead of doing one and then the other as I regularly do. 

Are you a fan of hot rollers?  What do you think?  Worthy of a try?
Let me know!


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  1. Good Review!! What a steal for 10 bucks!! I may have to check at Target to see if they have any left on clearance! I've always wanted to use hot rollers and if I could find them for ten bucks, that would be absolutely amazing!! :)

    xx Mandy