Friday, February 1, 2013

January-Running on Empty

Hello dolls.  Here is January's edition of Running on Empty!  This month I ran out of 15 items.
 First up, the makeup that I went through...

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Nourishing Nude
I picked this up with a coupon, even though I'm not really a fan of this line.  I think that they are very pretty and the packaging is nice, but the wear time is just not for me.  The formula just has too much slip for me and they don't last long enough on my lips.  The only reason that I ran out of it is because I left it in my car to use as a lip balm.

Repurchase?  No. 

Wet 'n Wild MegaLiner in Dark Brown
If you have been following me for a while, you will know that these are my favorite liquid liners.

Repurchase?  Yes.

Wet 'n Wild Megalash Mascara
 I got this in a set last year, but never really used this mascara dutifully.  It has since dried up and is now unusable. 

Repurchase?  No.

 Sephora Mineral Powder in Tan
I got this powder on sale from Sephora for just $5.  I am not sure if they are still available, maybe in just different packaging?  I really like this though for contouring.  It's matte and doesn't make me look too orange. 

Repurchase?  I have one backup of this powder, but I haven't broken it out yet.  I decided to shop my stash to see what I have and what I can use up.

Lip Smacker in Banana
I got this cheap lip balm at the Dollar Store and it smells bomb you guys.  It smells like banana candy!  SO yummy.  I kept this in my daily makeup bag and use it every morning.

Repurchase?  Yes.

CoverGirl Shadow Single in Mink 
Again, another staple in my stash. 

Repurchase?  Yes, and I have several backups of these in my stash. 

TheBalm Cucumber Face Toner
I love this toner!  I got this in a set from TJ Maxx last holiday season on clearance and have been using it pretty much all summer, fall and winter long.  It doesn't sting and it's not harsh on my skin.  It just leaves a very clean feeling and doesn't dry out my face.  

Repurchase?   I wish that I could purchase this again locally.  :(  If I do run across it again I will definitely pick it up!

Epielle Makeup Wipes
I ran out of two this month because one was in my travel bag.  These are another everyday staple in my life.

Repurchase?  Yes!  I am actually getting anxious because I need to stock up on these.  I'm down to my last three packages in my stash!

Dollar Tree Makeup Remover Wipes
I got these from the Dollar Tree to use when I'm swatching products for the blog.  They don't work very well though.

Repurchase?  Eh, maybe.  I'm thinking of just getting diaper wipes next though. 

Orly Nail Armor
I absolutely love this stuff.  You may have noticed that my nails have gotten very long.  I think that it's mostly due to this polish. This formula has real silk fibers in it to help strengthen your nails! I use it as a base coat under all of my manicures, which is probably why I ran out of it so fast.  It also dries very quickly, which is good because I am very impatient.

Repurchase?  Yes!  I have to run back to Sally's and get some.   

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover
 Cheap and does the job.  Just wish it came in gallon size.  lol.

Repurchase?  Yup. 

Organix Acai Berry Avocado Conditioner
This stuff smells so yummy.  I bought this at Ulta on sale.  I just wish that this had a pump on it though because as it got down to the bottle, it was harder to squeeze out.

Repurchase?  I might, but I like the Brazilian one just a bit more. 

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo & Conditioner (sample)
I think that this sample came in one of my Target beauty bags.  Again, I need to clean out my sample drawer and I'm trying to whittle away at it.  This shampoo claims to have a biodegradable formula and is supposed to be better for the environment.  However, I am not a fan of how it smells and how it cleans.  It must not have any fragrance in it because all I smelt was chemicals when I washed my hair.  Also, I didn't notice any real difference in my hair.

Repurchase?  Probably not.

Pure Silk Shave Cream
Cheap and gets the job done.  Foams nicely and smells good.  Also, doesn't strip my skin of any extra moisture.  Just not a fan of the metal can because of the rust circle in my shower.

Repurchase?   Yeah.

15 items total.  Not bad to start off the year with.  What did you run out of this month?


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  1. Wish we could get cover girl in the UK :(