Monday, August 5, 2013

Maybelline-Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Hi dolls.  This is a product that a lot of beauty gurus have been raving about for the past year or so, and for good reason.  I had to go out and buy it to try for myself to see what all of the hype was about.
I picked up the color Light because I wanted to use it as a highlighting product under my eyes, along the bridge of my nose, forehead and chin.  

I like the packaging, as the little sponge tip on top applies the product quite nicely.  I don't use it to smooth and blend the concealer on though, as I find that my fingers are better for that.

It is a twist up tube, and it does take several clicks for the product to start to come up, so be patient. 
Once the product appears at the top, it distributes quite evenly all over the sponge tip so you are able to cover quite a bit of area in just a couple of swipes.

The concealer itself is buildable, and it dries quickly to a nice matte finish.  I always set my concealer with a powder, and this does settle into the crease under my eyes, but then again, all concealers that I have tried have done that to me.
I like this product a lot for highlighting, and it does a nice job of brightening up my face without being too over the top.  For my under eyes, I have been using my L'Oreal concealer first to conceal any discoloration and then going over on top with this Maybelline one.  I have been using this consistently for over a month now, and have not experienced any problems with it.

I can see why so many people like it, and I have to say the same.  The price point is not too bad, I do believe it was under $10 at Ulta, where I purchased mine.  

If you are looking for a highlighting concealer from the drugstore, I recommend that you try this one.  I, for one, am smitten with it!

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