Friday, August 2, 2013

Lorac-Matte Eyes

Hello dolls.  Here is an eye look that I have been doing over and over again this last month:
This look was created using only the Lorac Pro palette.  Yes, I am still in love with it!  This time though, I am only using the matte colors from the palette.
I have Cream as the all over lid color, and then buffed into the outer v is Taupe and Sable.  I have been loving Taupe, and have made quite a dent in it already.  I'm sure to hit pan soon on that color. 

Sometimes, I will add Espresso into the outer v as well to deepen it if I'm going for a more dramatic look.  

I have been obsessed with matte eye looks lately, and have been alternating between this palette and my Naked Basics palette for those eye looks. 

I will have photos of the Naked Basics look up soon and a post as well.  

The lashes are from Elf, the $1 lashes.  I have been obsessed with these lashes too.  I never though to try them until I found a pair in my stash.  After I tried them, I was hooked.  I probably went out and bought five more pairs.   The only thing is that you have to select a nice pair because sometimes they can come out a bit wonky in the process.
I'm off to Wisconsin Dells tomorrow with my little family, so I don't know if I will be able to sit down and write a post tomorrow.  Maybe if I'm not too tired I can shoot one out.  :)


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