Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me:
 1.  Red Lips
2.  Holiday Glam
3.  Chocolate & Coffee
4.  Essence lashes  5.  Holiday Look
6. & 7.  Cute Mug
8.  New Arm Swag
9.  I like Candy



  1. You are very pretty and your makeup is flawless. I'm just getting into eyeshadow, but have no clue how to apply it. Guess I'll be checking out some YouTube tutorials. How did you learn, through trial and error? You take the best pictures. Are you on twitter?

    1. Hi Crystal! Yes, I mainly learned through trial and error and lots of practice! I'm still learning! YouTube is great. No, I am not on twitter but I am on Instagram. You can follow me kher999 if you're on it.