Sunday, December 2, 2012

November-Running on Empty

Hi dolls.  Here are all of the products that I ran out of in November:
9 things total that I am either throwing out or am totally done with this month. 

BareMinerals Well-Cared Brush Shampoo
I got this shampoo in my BareMinerals kit that I bought a long, long time ago.  Originally, this was the only shampoo that I was using to wash and clean my brushes, but then I switched to baby shampoo.  Then, I switched back in an effort to use it all up.  

Repurchase?  No.  It lathers well and cleans my brushes just fine, but baby shampoo also does that for a fraction of the price.   

Epielle Makeup Remover Wipes
 Another one gone.    

Studio 35 Beauty Polish Remover
I believe that I got this from Walgreens because it was on sale and cheap. And I go through polish remover like crazy, so cheap is good.  

Repurchase?  I'm back to my Target Up  & Up brand right now, but if this brand is on sale again I would repurchase.  

Avon Smooth Mineral Wear Lip Gloss in Pink Quartz
I bought this from Avon ages ago, and threw it into all of my purses as my go-to gloss.  It gives me a your-lips-but-better color and is non-sticky without being overly sweet.  

Repurchase?  Not likely just because I have a ton of other glosses that I need to get through.
Elf Eyelid Primer
I got this primer in a holiday set last Christmas.  There were two other primers included, one with a shimmer and the other one I don't remember, but this particular one is the original $1 formula, just in a smaller package.  I had opened it up a while ago and never finished it so I threw it back into my daily makeup case to use it up before it goes bad.

Repurchase?  Sure, the $1 Elf primers are a great deal.  

 Elf Lip Pencil in Natural Blush
I got this from the Dollar Tree a while ago, and it kinda just sat on my shelf for a while.  I pulled it out a couple of days ago because I needed a nude liner and thought that I would give this one a try again.  Let me just say, ow.  The pencil is incredibly hard and dry and color payoff is just not worth the pain you put your lips through.  

I didn't even bother trying anything else with it, because it was only a $1, so I am tossing it outI have a ton of other lip liners that hold up way better.

Klear Action Blemish Zapper
This came in a kit that I bought from Walgreens ages ago.  I found it in my bathroom drawer, waaay in the back.  It's obviously expired so I thought that I would include it this month, which makes repurchasing this a no because I had forgotten about it for so long.

Sephora Brow Lash & Gel
I picked this up from Sephora a while ago and as you can see, it's obviously well loved and well used.  

Repurchase?  This was quite pricey for just a clear mascara, and I bought an Elf one recently that I can replace this one with, so no.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that this has been my current favorite mascara.  I love the brush and the formula-though I can't say much about the lash growth serum that is supposedly in it because I haven't really noticed a dramatic difference.  It has pretty much dried up though and I knew it was past it's prime.  

Repurchase?  Yes, I already have a backup of this, but I just have like, five other opened mascaras that I need to get through first.

What did you run out of this month?


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