Friday, November 23, 2012

My Berry Lipstick Picks (drugstore edition)

Hi dolls.  As I was searching through my lipstick drawer the other day, I realized that I didn't quite have that perfect dark, vampy berry shade shade that I was itching to wear.  Weird, I know, as I do have quite a collection of lip products.  
Anyways, that led me on my quest to Ulta.  I didn't come home empty handed folks.  Here are my three drugstore picks-and they were all on clearance!  I spent under $4 for each lippie.
Two of these are from CoverGirl and one from Revlon.  These are all from the core lip collection, so you should be able to find them anywhere and at any time.  Yes, you're welcome.  :)

First up,  Revlon's Plum.  I picked it up for just $2.29. 
This is a very pretty blackened-cherry color, but I couldn't quite get it to apply evenly when I swatched it on my lips that day.  I'm sure with a steady hand and a lipbrush, application technique could be improved, but I don't like it when a lipstick requires that much work.

Next up, is CoverGirl's Entwined.  I know that I have said it before, but I wills say it again- I absolutely love CoverGirl lipsticks and I think that they are quite a big deal when you compare the quality to the price.
Entwined has some slight frostiness to it, but it's still a pretty berry color, and definitely wearable all year round.

Lastly is CoverGirl's Euphoria.  This is my favorite out of all three of them.
There is a slight glossiness to it, but I prefer to wear it matte and blotted with a tissue.  I choose to wear it out for Black Friday shopping today, and paired it with my signature black liquid liner and matte eyes.  I think that it's always best to keep the rest of your face minimal when you are rocking a bolder lip color.
I think that I have squashed my lemmings for now at least with these three new purchases.  Are you into the trending dark lips this season? 


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