Thursday, November 15, 2012

China Glaze-Fast Track

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am wearing on my nails today:
This is from China Glaze, in Fast Track.  This particular polish is from the Hunger Games collection, which was released earlier this year.  I didn't pay much attention to the collection at first because I didn't understand all of the hype just yet.  But then I read the books and I was obsessed.  So I nearly squealed with delight when I found this on clearance at Sally's. 
This is an easy three coats that I am wearing, topped off with Seche Vite.  Photos taken under my Ottlite.  As you can see, I managed to ding my ring finger before I could take a proper photo of this polish.  *sigh*  I also filed my nails back down to nubs after a nasty break (on my ring finger, of course).  


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  1. This looks so pretty on your skintone, and so festive. I wish we could have China Glaze in CVS and drugstores haha I love your nail pictures, the red one with the glitter in the post below also looks lovely! we're your newest followers :)

    Miranda M. |