Friday, June 1, 2012

May-Running on Empty

Hello dolls.  Here is what I ran out of in May:
 A total of 10 items...

Tresemme Hair Conditioner
This was purchased on sale in conjunction with coupons. It is rather thin for a conditioner, so I find that I use a lot more because I have thick hair.  I used the pump that comes with the bigger bottles, which is nice because it fits on all the Tresemme bottles.

Repurchase?  Sure. It's cheap and it does the job.  Can't complain.

EOS Shave Cream
I already reviewed this particular product here, so I won't dwell on it too much.  Still not really a fan.  I still have the other bottle to go through.

Repurchase? No, not unless it was dirt cheap/on sale.

Avon Moisture Therapy Hand Lotion
This was a freebie from my Avon rep last year.  (She no longer works with me- so I haven't been ordering any Avon products)  Anywhos, this is very moisturizing and not the slightest bit greasy.  I keep it in my manicure basket to smooth on over my cuticles and hands.  You can find these on sale every so often for .99 cents at Avon.

Repurchase?  In the future, sure.  It's cheap and feels nice.  I just need to locate a new Avon rep. :)

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Body Cream
I received this in a gift set two Christmas's ago.  I love the smell and how moisturizing it is!  (Which is why I have been using it only in small amounts)  The thing about B&BW is, whenever I find a scent I truely love- they discontinue it.  Blah. 

Repurchase?  I love the lotions in the tubes rather than the bottles are they are much creamier and more moisturizing.  Even if they are a tad bit more expensive.  As soon as I find a scent I love, I will purchase a tube.

Epielle Cleansing Wipes
This was the 200 pack.  I went through it in about two months I would say. 

Repurchase? Yes.  Ya'll know I love these.

Orly French Tip Guides
I purchased these from Sally Beauty last year in a last ditch effort to paint lovely French tips.  (I still can't do them free hand)   These were almost $4 if I remember right.  Sadly though, they are not worth it.  The stickers don't sit on the nail properly and so the nail color that I French would often seep through and bleed onto the nail.  Ugh. Then, as they got older, they would leave a dreadful sticky mess behind after I peeled them off the nail.  Gross.

Repurchase?  Not ever.

Seche Vite
That's right folks, two bottles.  Can you tell I have been swatching like crazy?   

Repurchase?  Of course.

Shiseido Mask
I reviewed the white mask here.   This one is very similar, but in black.  

Repurchase?  Sure. These are relatively cheap even if a little hard to get.

Avon Moisture Renew Chapstick
This chapstick has been living in my daily makeup case ever since I got it back in April of last year.  I peeled off the label by mistake.  Not very long-wearing but a nice alternative to lipstick/gloss instead in the mornings.

Repurchase? No. I have a plethora of chapsticks that I need to get to and this one was just eh.

What did you run out of this month?


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