Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wet 'n Wild-Lust Palette

Hello dolls.  I have been holding on to this palette for long enough, so I thought I should swatch it and review it for you all.
 WnW palette in Lust:
Purples are my favorite color, but lately, I have had lots of trouble with wearing them on my eyes.  I'm not sure why, but I haven't had any luck with purples and creating a wearable look.  :(  I was hoping that this palette would get me out of the purple funk, but I was sorely disappointed with the swatches:

I swatched the right side of the palette first below for you:
 And here is the left side:
The color payoff was disappointing.  I was really looking forward to using the three colors on the right side, especially that bright purple color, but once swatched-it was very, very sad looking.  It is a matte purple, which might explain why, but once I tried blending it out on my eyes, it turned an unflattering burnt red color.  Blech.  The lightest color, a matte lavender doesn't even show up on me.
Even with primer, I couldn't get the colors to pop like how I wanted.  I am willing to give it another go though. I had originally bought it because of Tina's beautiful tutorial here.  

What is your favorite purple look?  Send some inspiration my way.



  1. I love this palette! Come and have a look at my new updated blog!

  2. have you looked into colored eyeliner? i reallyyy like the cargo swimmables that come out every summer. it gives me a really easy way to add some color to my eyes without going crazy with the shadow (:

  3. I love love this palette! :) Lust is gorgeous. I used to use it on a daily basis in the fall!