Monday, May 13, 2013

What's In My Purse? Pt. II

Hey dolls.  Here is another What's in my purse? post... I did one last year, but with a different bag, and some of the contents have changed.  

Also, I just really needed to clean out my purse, so I decided to take some photos and get this post done for you guys at the same time.

The bag that I have been carrying around is from Target, from the brand Merona. I got it on clearance for under $10, I believe.  It is super roomy and carries all of the necessities.

I just literally dumped everything out onto my living room carpet.  Here is the beautiful mess...haha...I kid.  :)
It doesn't look that bad, right?  Here, I organized it a little bit so that you can see everything a bit better.
Yup, that's everything that I carry with me...a few random paper clips included.  :)

First up, my wallets: 
I carry a regular wallet, and a wristlet.  I keep my important cards in my wallet, like my insurance cards, some store loyalty cards that I don't use as often, and there are some stamps in there too.  

In my wristlet, I keep my driver's license, my debit card, and my most used store loyalty cards, along with some loose change, and as you can see, whatever happens to fit it... 
I have a separate place for coupons and receipts, but those clearly didn't make it there... :/  I like to use a wristlet, because it's more convenient for me.  I don't have to lug my whole purse with me into the store, especially if I'm just running in to the grocery store to pick up some milk.  I already have what I need right in that wristlet, and it even fits my Iphone, so I have literally everything I need.

Ear buds and phone holder:
I mentioned that I have been kind of obsessed with working out and exercising...I LOVE to listen to Pandora when I'm working out and this cell phone holder is awesome.  It velcros onto my arm and has clear plastic covering which allows me to use my Iphone through it.  

I just keep my ear buds in the clear plastic sleeve so that it doesn't get tangled up in my bag.  I also have two ear buds, because one is E's.  He likes to listen to Youtube videos on my Kindle and these are perfect for him when we're on the go.

Yes, I have two sets.  The first one holds all of my store loyalty cards.  I just keep this on the bottom of my purse and don't hook it to my regular key chain.  Too cumbersome.

My regular keys are to the right-I keep it very minimal...just my car keys, my house keys, and mailbox key as well as my momma's house key. 

Coupon Holder:
This is where I keep my coupons and receipts that I want to hold onto.  I got this from the dollar store I believe.  You can find them pretty much everywhere.  I try to go through it once a month and clean out any coupons that I don't get to.

GNC Gold Card:
I was in the GNC store earlier this week, and the guy behind the counter signed me up for their store loyalty card so that it could save me a couple of bucks.  (I buy the Lean Shakes from GNC.)  I just threw it into my purse after I took the little card and snapped that into the key chain mentioned above.

Check Book and Coin Purse:
I have my Hello Kitty checks in my LV checkbook, and I keep spare change in the XOXO wristlet.  I try to clean the spare change out too once in a while, and give it to E so that he can roll them up.

Orbit Gum:
Nobody likes stinky breath.  :)

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bag:
I just recently bought this from my last Target haul if you remember.  I don't really keep much makeup in it though.  Two chapsticks, one gloss and a kabuki brush.  I used to have a mirror in it too, but that has made it's way into my lipstick drawer instead.  

E's Sunglasses:
These are E's sunglasses that we got from our vacation last year.  He picked them out himself, and they are so cute.  They have little mustaches on the sides.  :)

Victoria's Secret Pink Travel Bag:
I already posted about this bag in my previous What's in my Purse post, so I won't dump everything out.  The contents are pretty much the same.  

SmartWater bottle:
I have been trying to drink more water, and so I keep a water bottle literally every where that I am.  I like this big bottle because it's actually two servings of water, so it's easy for me to keep track of how much water I drink.

I am seriously lost without my IPhone.  I am constantly on it and am addicted to Instagram.  Follow me if you aren't alreadyLove IT!  

And that's it from my purse!   As you can see, all that's left is a pen that I keep in the little side pocket.  There is also a deep side pocket in my purse that is perfect for storing my Kindle.
The bag just has a magnetic snap closure, and is lined in black cloth.

And here is what my purse looks like when I have everything put back!   
I can see everything that I need and everything has a place.  Neat and tidy, and there is room for everything!  I love this purse so much, and I have been carrying it ever since I got it from my last big Target haul.  

And that, ladies, is what I carry with me in my purse.  Like I said, just the essentials.  :)  What do you keep in yours? 


  1. Call me weird but I loved this post. LOL You are so neat and organized! You have given me a lot of great ideas to organize my own purse. I think I might do a post like this.