Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI-Skyfall Bondettes Minis

Hi dolls.  I did end up going back for the minis, and here they are:
I picked up the mini set because I wanted three of the four colors anyways GoldenEye, The World is Not Enough, Live and Let Die.

Plus, with all of the nail polish that I have, I will never ever go through a full bottle.  These minis are so cute and perfect to get more bang for your buck.  I paid $12.50 for this set.
Left to Right:  The Spy Who Loved Me, GoldenEye, The World is Not Enough, Live and Let Die
The Spy Who Loved Me:
The World is Not Enough:
Live and Let Die
Bottle Comparisons:
The only complaint that I have about the minis is that they are not labled with the names, which means I will have to keep the packaging.
Swatches of each will come on their own.  I was too busy this day to do them all.  Did you pick up anything from this collection?

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