Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rainbow Tag!

Hi dolls.  So I finally have my pictures edited for this post.  I have been meaning to get it up all weekend, but better late than never right?
So for this tag, all that you have to do is pick out beauty related items that correspond to the colors of the rainbow!  This was fun and it required that I go through my stash and really think about what I wanted to include in this tag.

It also really appealed to me because I LOVE rainbow themed things.  My classroom was decorated with that theme in mind.  Case in point:
So when I saw that some of my favorite Youtubers had done this tag, I was right on board.   Anyways, without further ado...I give you the Rainbow Tag!
So, here I have them all lined up for you.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Violet.

(I could have gone Blue, Indigo and then Violet, but I didn't really have anything Indigo!)
This was one of the very first red lipsticks that I bought from the drugstore.  It was really what spawned my love for red lipsticks in the first place.  I just fell in love with statement lip colors after experimenting with red lips.
Therefore, I had to include it in this post.  I think that a red lipstick is a must for every girl.  Just something about it when you put it immediately walk a little bit taller and have a little strut to your step.  Even if you've never worn red before, I suggest just rocking it around the house.  I swear, you'll be sneaking peeks of yourself in every shiny object, and then you'll be addicted.  :)  

I had to include my Real Techniques face brush for orange.  I love this brush so much, that I went back and bought another one.  Yes, I have two of them.  It's super soft and does the job, not to mention that it's really affordable.  

You can find these brushes at Ulta, and usually on sale, for bogo half off.  This is one of my favorites from the brand, and I really recommend it if you are just starting out and building your brush collection.  

I am a Carmex junkie.  You will always find one of these in my purse.  They are just an essential for me.  I'm one of those people that have to have something on their lips, like all of the time-be it lip balm, lipstick, lipgloss etc.  I just need to have something on, and I literally have lip products stashed all over the house and my car so that I never have to go without. 

I have been trying out this Garnier cleanser in the mornings this week and so far I have been loving it!  It has a little brush head attached to the top, and so all you do is twist the brush head for a little bit of cleanser to come out.  Then you twist it back  to close off the flow of cleanser, and you just scrub your face with the brush and a little bit of water!  

It's very gentle and it foams up quite easily.  The rubber brush head is very flexible and it does a good job of working up the foam and exfoliating your skin. 
I think that it does a good job of waking up my skin in the mornings.  Usually, I just wash with a little bit of warm water and a microfiber washcloth.  This has upped my morning routines a bit more, especially because I have been applying lotions, serums and creams at night more often these last few months.

Light Blue
This is one of my go-to drugstore toners.  I find that it does a really good job of cleaning up any last bit of makeup that my cleanser might have missed after my shower.  

I just dab a little bit onto a cotton pad and then swipe it all over my face and neck.  It's amazing.

I have also tried the other one from Clean & Clear, the Deep Cleaning Astringent, and that one is way too harsh for my skin.  My skin was literally peeling each time I used it, especially the skin on my fingers where it soaked through the cotton pad.  I am never repurchasing this one ever again. 
Sometimes I will use my Proactive toner instead, but I am down to my last two bottles of that one.  The Clean & Clear one is more easily accessible and it's cheaper too.

So, I had to include a polish in this post, because I am a nail polish fanatic as well.  I decided to go with an OPI polish because truthfully, I do really like their polishes.  They always have beautiful colors, and new collections and their glitters are so awesome.  

I don't wear a lot of blue nail polish anymore, so I had a hard time choosing a straight up blue from my stash, simply because I didn't have one.

This one that I am showing is OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui from their Hong Kong collection.  I haven't even actually worn this color yet, because if I had, I would have shown it to you on the blog.  (Just goes to show how often I wear blue.)  But I promise that it will get some love soon. 

I talked a bit about this in my last Obsessed with post, so I'm not going to go into detail here.  This again, is just a small sample.  I really do like it so far, and I am seriously thinking about purchasing the actual product itself.  

So, there you have all of my beauty products from the Rainbow Tag!
Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products that I have shown here.  I also tag all of you to do this tag if you liked it, and link me to your blog post down below if you end up doing it!


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