Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY-Daisy Flower Headband

Hi dolls.  I have a simple DIY project today that I wanted to share:
I have really wanted one of those flower crowns, but they can be expensive to buy.  I made this headband myself, and found everything at the Dollar Tree.

All that you need is:  
-Elastic headband
-Fake flowers of your choice
-Hot glue gun

1.  Pop the fake flowers off of the bouquets

2.  Snip off the green stem on the bottom of each flower.  
(This makes it easier to glue later on.)

3.  Put a dab of hot glue onto the green stem.  

4. Attach flower firmly to the headband.  

5.  Keep gluing flowers to headband until covered.  

I added some of the green leaves to fill in the spaces.  I also glued my flowers closer together because the headband is stretchy.  

This is super cute, and easy to do.  I just upcycled my headband because this type never stays on my head anyways, when worn up vertically with a ponytail.  

You can use different flowers for different effects too.  Have fun creating!


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