Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's In My... Beach Bag

Hey dolls.  As I was packing to take E to the pool the other day, I thought I would snap some pictures of what I take along with me in my beach bag!  I know I like to read when other bloggers post a "What's in my purse/makeup bag/travel case/etc. but I have never gotten around to doing something like that til now.  So here is the first edition:   

What's in my beach bag?
First up, the essentials.  From left to right: 

Waterproof zip-up bag (to store extra panties)
Contact case with solution
Coppertone sunscreen in SPF 30
Up & Up sunscreen in SPF 50
Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil
Shiseido facial sunscreen in SPF 55

My heart towel is from TJ Maxx.  I also always bring a pair of shades and a chapstick (not pictured).

I prefer spray on sunscreens, especially when I take E, because it's quick and easy.  Just spray and go.  I have two different sunscreens because my Coppertone one is almost out.  You can get the Up & Up brand from Target.  I had bought the higher SPF because we were planning an all day trip out to Wisconsin Dells earlier this month.  

I always wear sunscreen when I'm going to be out in the sun or else I get major sunburn.  That being said, I always bring my Shiseido sunscreen along too so I can slap it on my face instead of the spray-ons.  I bought the tanning oil because my legs are ridiculously white compared to the rest of my body. lol. It's been helping.
Optional take alongs, I always try to bring a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.  There isn't a lot of shade where we go to the pool.  A magazine or a book is also something that I bring along because E is 8 years old afterall, and an avid swimmer, which can get exhausting for me.  He also likes to pretend that he doesn't know me when we go there, so I often resign myself to lounging in the chairs with a good read after a quick dip.

What do you bring along with you to the pool/beach?  Do tell!


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