Thursday, July 26, 2012

Polish Haulin'

Hey dolls.   I have some new polishes that I picked up this week.

 L-R:  Cross my Heart, Fig, Winterberry, Rain Storm, Leap Flog
Hmm'kay...I know, I know... I bought these Sinful Color polishes on Sunday from Wag's .99 cent sale, before all of the drama erupted.  As of right now, I am not sure what to think.  I am appalled that marketing at Revlon/SF overlooked the fact that the bottles in the brochure aren't even Sinful Color bottles (um, duh!) and the stealing of photos is even more outrageous.  But I want to hear what Sinful Colors has to say about this and if there is or will be a peaceful resolution to this.  Therefore, I have decided that I am not going to be participating in boycotting this brand.  You can feel to do so as you please.  I am just waiting to see how this ends and what amends can be made.

See here to read what initially had happened.  
See here to see what Revlon said on Wed. July 25th.

As a blogger, I have only recently begun to watermark my photos.  I would like credit for my work when credit is due, so I can understand where the nail blogging community is coming from.  I do not approve of what Sinful Colors did, don't get me wrong but I am just not ready to cast them off yet.  You can let me know how you feel down below about this issue, but please be respectful. Thank you.
In addition to the Sinful Colors purchases, I also stopped at Sally Beauty to scope out the clearance deals.  Sadly, nothing tickled my fancy save for this lone bottle of Finger Paints in Beach Bound.  This was under $2 if I remember correctly.
When I read on several blogs that Deborah Lipmann polishes were surfacing at TJ Maxx, I headed over as soon as I could.  Sadly, there were none when I went a-searching.  I did find several Essie polishes though, marked down to $3.99 each.  So I picked up Exotic Liras and Absolutely Shore.  What a great steal. That brings my Essie polish count up to...4. :)


  1. I had no idea all of this was going on...I just bought 7 more bottles of SC polish in the last 2 days - bringing my total to 17 bottles of SC polish purchased since the .99 cent sale. After reading several blog posts on it, I think I'm up on what happened - I also read Revlons FB post. I'm sorry about what happened to the bloggers and I hope they come to an amicable resolution. I lurk over at Nouveau Cheap and I thought her post was the best unbiased post of the situation that I've read so far.

    Of the 5 SC's that you just posted, I have Rain Storm and Leap Flog. I was looking for Winterberry but my Wags didn't have it. Yesterday, I picked up Lavender (which is beautiful and I'm wearing on my toes), Slate and Rich in Heart. I also picked up Maybellines Color Show in Styled out (wearing that on my fingers today) - Scrangie's swatch made me buy this. It's beautiful.

    I only have 5 Fingerpaints - 4 of the flakies and a black. I only have 2 Essie's - I really don't care much for Essie polish (I don't really like the formula for the price). Do you wear Zoya? Zoya is the bulk of my polish stash.

  2. Hi crystal,
    No I only have two bottles of zoya. Its a hard to find brand where I live.
    I was looking for sfc lavender! So glad u found it! I passed over slate. It wasnt that appealing to me.
    Thanks for reading today!

  3. Where are you - in Canada? Luckily, I can order from the Zoya website because I'm nowhere near an Ulta (you can buy Zoya there). They have fabulous promos often, so I've been able to take advantage of them and probably have about 70 bottles. I think I'm going to tally up all of my polishes this weekend. Slate wasn't all that appealing to me either, but I knew it was new. I already have a couple of grey polishes (so I really didn't need it). I have a few more polish lemmings and then I'm taking a polish break until I can at least say that I've worn all of my untrieds.