Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sally Hansen-Set in Stone

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am wearing on my nails:
The base color is from Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails line, in Set in Stone.  This is a milky pink that is perfect for french manicures.  So I used this just for that.  (sorry for not taking pictures of it all by itself!) 

Yup.  I did a french mani and pedi for the first time and it actually looks decent!  *so proud of myself*  I won't gross you out by posting feet pictures though.
For these photos I am wearing three coats, just so you can see that it is buildable.  I then took my white nail pen and drew guidelines for a french mani on my tips. After I drew those lines, I went over it with my Sally Hansen White On to make it more opaque.  

But, I wasn't happy with it so I decided to do a glitter gradient.  For this, I used OPI's Servin' Up Sparkle and Color Club's Platinum Record.  A good topcoat to seal everything in, and I was done. 


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